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To Fix or Not To Fix

This little drop of glaze seems to have fallen off the side of the pot.  I expected the glaze to run a bit and even left a nice foot to catch any drips (you can't see the foot too well in this photo but trust me, it's there).  I did not expect it to do this.  Now I have this little drop attached to the foot and I don't know what to do with it.  I think it looks pretty cool, I like how it captures a moment in time but I don't know if anyone else will like it as I do.  So I'm posing the question to you, dear reader.  Grind the drop off or leave it there?


  1. Customers are always like WTF IS THIS? You may have to grind it :)

  2. That's a potter's pot for sure. If I were selling the pot, I could just see my enthusiasm explaining how this happened. People would probably start moving away from me lol. How cool is that!? Put it out there, see what happens, you can always chip it off....

  3. What is the shape of the pot? Can it be used for a planter? I really like that drip and someone else, maybe not a potter, may like it. If you try to remove it use a propane torch (a safe one, Ha) and heat up the drip of glaze to red hot where it attaches to the pot and then gently put it away with a wooden stick or dowel which doesn't conduct heat, this somtimes works and then you can grind it or sand it at that spot.

  4. Gary- some of my customers seem to think that way but many others don't. Often I'm plesantly suprized by what they like.
    Tacey- I've scared some people away with my enthusiaum also, I like your idea of trying it in a few shows just to see.
    Linda- It's a vase shape, maybe too tall to be a planter. If I do try to take it off myself I'll try your torch idea. Gotta love playing with fire.


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