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Other People's Pots - Geoff Pickett Mug

Geoff Picket is one of my favorite Georgia potters.  This may be because he fires with wood or because he apprenticed in England in the '70's and I enjoy the English ascetic.  I love the look and feel of this mug, and face it the feel is very important in a mug.  I have actually handled many mugs that Geoff has made and this one feels the best to me.  I like that about a potter since we all don't have the same size hand and since people hold mugs differently.  Pete Pinnell has a great video about his thoughts on cups.  It's worth a listen, you can find it here.
Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery


  1. Thanks for the link, I'll check it out.

  2. What a beautiful form! And that surface looks so ancient and now!

  3. Linda - it's about 20 minutes long but really worth the time.
    Susan - welcome to the blog, I hope you continue to join the conversation. This form is beautiful and so is the surface, it's a mug you really want to hold. Geoff did well.

  4. you know Geoff! He is more than a favorite potter he is an old friend here.
    We met Geoff in the late 70's and have been friends ever since. He lived with us in 1981-82 for a bit while he got his student visa.
    And yes he makes wonderful pots-talented and sharing person.
    Thanks for bringing him up!

  5. I can see why this would be a favorite. I love the shape! When I am looking for other peoples pottery I always know when I know which piece is for me. There is always a connection. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Actually, I don't know Geoff, but I am a fan of his work and would love to meet him one day.

    Regi- It's true about the connection, sometimes that's the first thing I notice when looking at pots.


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