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Mugshot Monday

Here's another very simple but pretty mug. I posted a similar one a few weeks ago, this is just a different shape. It's still Standards Brown Speck clay and Stan's White glaze fired to cone 6 in oxidation.

To me, it is just simplicity. I could hold this mug and enjoy a nice, warm cup of coffee while relaxing in the morning. Years ago I used to read a newspaper while having my morning coffee. Now I'm a little more tree friendly so I get my news from NPR and on-line but this cup brings me back to Sunday mornings with the New York Times.

Where can you find some simplicity in your life?


Other Peoples Pots - Jeff Brown Mug for Moving

Crowd funding types of project funding are very popular these days. You can most likely get lots of different things to help support lots of great causes. It’s not a bad way of funding a project or a need. Of course it’s impossible for me to support all of the projects that I’d like to support but when I saw my blogging buddy Michèle Hastings and her partner Jeff Brown were running their own champaign called Mugs for Moving I was inspired to make a purchase. I already have a mug Michèle made with a beautiful shino glaze so I ordered one of Jeff’s mugs and I’m very happy I did. I really love the mug.

A few months ago I bought an espresso machine with a steamer at a local thrift store. Now I can have a beautiful mug of cappuccino whenever I want, which is most mornings. The frothed milk takes up a little more room in the mug than the same amount of cream that’s not steamed so I need a slightly larger mug. This one fits the bill, as well as the coffee and milk. It’s also very comfortable in my hand and when drinking out of it. Maybe one day I’ll try to figure out how to make fun decoration in the froth.
Jeff Brown Fern Mug posted by Lori Buff
Jeff Brown Fern Mug

I really like the surface decoration too. The shino that I like on Michèle’s mug was used on this with a nice green glaze and Jeff’s signature fern pattern. I am a fern lover so that really speaks to me.

Thanks for the great mug y’all and good luck in your new home.

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  1. great mug with the fern motif, not one I'd seen; I got one of Jeff's bowls for their moving as I needed more bowls.

    1. It’s a very pretty motif, he does it on many pots but not all by any means.

  2. I got one of Michele's moving mugs, love it! The handle is great, the glaze satiny smooth and its just the right size for a morning beverage. I love getting something great and helping out a pal at the same time!

    1. Right, it’s all about community and good pots.

  3. I love seeing our mugs in their new homes! It looks great with that yummy froth of milk on top. Enjoy your mug and your new espresso machine.

    Thank you so much for helping us out.

    1. You’re welcome. The pleasure is all mine.

  4. I have one of his mugs too, similar decorating scheme and also love it :)


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