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Elephant Platter/Wall Hanging

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First Porcelain Pot

At some point near the end of the school year my pottery teacher was able to get some porcelain for her classes to try. I remember being told that it was more expensive than the stoneware and earthenware we had so we could only use a small amount so that their would be enough for everyone.    Of course I had to try it.
Early Porcelain Pot with Flowers by Future Relics Gallery
Early Porcelain Pot
This pot is one of the first pieces I made in porcelain, I don’t remember if it’s the absolute first piece, it was long ago and I’ve slept since then.  It’s wheel thrown with little flower petals attached.  The rim has gold paint which might have been leftover from when I made model cars and planes.  The handles are a gold thread rope.  I find them interesting, the holes for it must have been made before I fired the piece so I guess I had in mind to attach these handles.  I wonder if I found the rope in my mother’s sewing supplies.

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery by Lori Buff


  1. This pot is wonderful; the gold rim and the rope handles really add to the appeal.

  2. Porcelain can be tricky, but look at the nice piece you made!

  3. How cool! I've not had the chance to try porcelain, looks like your first attempt was a success!


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