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Elephant Platter/Wall Hanging

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Dogs, Wolves, and Mugs

Yesterday’s blog post showed some pictures of dog sculptures that I made when I was in elementary school and high school. You can see the post here if you missed it yesterday. Many of you expressed support for me making more animal related art. Thanks for the support and encouragement. You may know that I make pots with dragons and horses and sugar skulls but did you know I also make mugs with wolf images? Well, one of those wolves is actually a dog.

His name was Blue because a dog like him only came along once in a blue moon. He was a pretty special dog, very good, very sweet, and very beautiful.

A Dog Named Blue
One day a neighbor was out walking with her little boy. They passed our house and the dogs, who were in the yard ran to the fence and barked a little. The boy was interested in the dogs so we let them meet, he gave Blue lots of hugs and pets. As he was leaving he said “good-bye dogs” to the others. It seemed strange because he clearly connected most with Blue. Then he said “good-bye wolf” to Blue and we understood what he had seen.

Wolf Mug by Lori Buff
Wolf Mug

I tried to make the image on this mug be a wolf but it always came out being Blue. That’s alright, he deserved it.

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  1. you definitely should do more animal related pots and sculptures too. a dog named Blue is definitely special, you know Gary and my first dog together was named Blue (a blue heeler and hence the name of my blog), we still miss her so I know how you feel about your Blue. I did a post on her but cant' find it. oh here it is:

    1. I remember reading about your dog Blue. Did you meet Jolie, our healer, when you where here for my studio sale? We thought our Blue had some blue healer in his mix which is why she was adopted.

  2. This post made me cry. Missing my Blue boy.

    1. Sorry, I was crying while I was writing it and looking through pictures of him. He was a good boy.

  3. Lovely dog/wolf post...I totally support anything animal getting created, especially so full of love!


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