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You know it's time to give up when even the silk plants drop leaves.

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Learning New Words

They say you learn something new every day, or at least you should learn something new every day.  I find it’s pretty easy to do by simply paying attention to things around you, reading books, looking up words you don’t know or making up ones that need to exist.  This weekend when a customer paid with a credit card I swiped it on the card reader on my phone and asked for her “fignature.”  Yes, it’s a new word I just invented.  It means to sign with your finger.

Fignature in Action

Feel free to use it often.  Since I’ve got at least one show every weekend until Christmas I’m sure I’ll get a chance or two to use it.  I hope you all do too.

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery by Lori Buff


  1. so you use the square to take credit cards? a show every weekend, how much work to you have stockpiled and where and how do you store it all, curious to know as I am just taking an inventory and I see I have to temporarily withdraw work from the gallery to have enough for this Friday and saturday show.

    1. Hi Linda, as a full time potter I am continually making new pots every week so I can keep galleries stocked and keep pots available for shows. I store them in plastic bins in my kiln room and in the house.

  2. thank you. new word to me too.

    fun, knowing I learned it from YOU.


  3. That's a great term, I am sure I will use it!
    We have made the move to square completely. No more merchant account in our gallery. So far we are very happy with it... and have saved quite a bit of money.

    1. Hi Michèle, I’ve been testing a few different card readers and hope to write about my experiences in the near future.

  4. Shows every weekend?! God bless the hard working artists this time of year!
    I traded shows in for retail every weekend, nice mental break in some ways:-)
    Good luck!

  5. I love the new word! I'll be using it this weekend (and crediting you). I use PayPal Here and at work we use Square. For what it's worth, out of those two I prefer PayPal... slightly lower fees and they share customer names, which Square won't do.

    1. Thanks Donna. Good luck in your shows. I’m planing to write a comparison of card readers soon. That’s great input and something that annoys me about square also.


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