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No Rest For The Potter

This is the time of year when many potters are so busy selling they don't have much time to actually make work.  Some of us are fortunate enough to be selling and making.  I have some orders to fill so I am one of those fortunate ones.  I'm actually really glad to be busy and to have the orders which will most likely be delivered after the holiday rush.  Thankfully the customer is very understanding about the life of a potter.

Ceramic plates by Future Relics Pottery
Freshly Thrown Plates

I've also just realized that I have a big festival to do in Atlanta the same weekend that Firedworks starts in Macon.  I'm thinking about the logistics now (nothing like planing 4 months in advance) but I'm really pretty sure I can pull it off provided that I keep making a decent amount of pots between then and now.  I can see 2014 on the horizon and it looks like a fun year already.

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery by Lori Buff


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