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Elephant Platter/Wall Hanging

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Morning on the Mountain

Meatless Monday Recipes will not be published for the next few weeks since my meals will be coming Crome the fabulous Penland kitchen. You should still come visit the blog as I try to share my time here with you.

This is one of the great views we get to enjoy most mornings at Penland.  So often the mornings begin with a fog or a cloud laying in the valley between the mountains or across the meadow.  I love watching it drift away with the rising of the sun.

The benefit auction is over and classes started on Sunday night.  My instructor is Andy Shaw from LSU.  It appears that this class is going to be rather thought provoking.  I hope to share some of the discussion with you without spoiling a possible workshop with Andy for you.  So far I really like him so I'm really excited about the class.  Now I just need to get back into the studio and get my hands in the clay.


  1. Nice morning... i love that area of the mountains.

  2. Lucky lucky you! I remember this view well, I sat on the porch of the ceramics studio one morning and tried to capture that in a sketch, what an amazing and soul nurturing place!

  3. You are holding the spirits of many of us who've passed through Penland with you...though I just visited, didn't take a class. ENJOY!

  4. Enjoy your stay! Looking forward to reading about your time there.


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