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Come have a beer and get some art.

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Arriving at Penland - Chasewood

Yesterday we set out from Atlanta to Penland. It's about a 5 hour drive but not a bad one at all, especially considering the destination. I have volunteered to work at the big benefit auction later in the week and then I'm staying for a class with Andy Shaw.  But I'm here a few days early with Janet and Jolie the cattle dog so we can explore.

We are staying at the home of my friend Sandy who is the owner of Chasewood.  It's a house that is surrounded by the Penland land with the most beautiful view of the meadow.  Last night as we sat on the porch watching the sunset we got to see a deer grazing and running through the field.  Jolie didn't notice her, I think she doesn't really like to herd very much.  We should have come up on Saturday since the Fourth of July fireworks were held then due to a rain delay.  Apparently it was pouring rain all day on the fourth.

View Of Penland From Chasewood

Chasewood has a separate building that has been made into 2 really cute apartments that Sandy rents out to people who are taking classes and don't want to stay in the Penland houses for various reasons. We were lucky that one of the apartments happened to be vacant so we could stay here and bring the pup.

We'll walk over to the clay studio today to watch them unloading the big wood kiln that was being built when I was here in March.  I'm excited to see the results and I don't even have any piece in the kiln.  Maybe one day I will.

Later tonight is the end of session auction.  These are a lot of fun so we'll be there joining in the festivities and maybe placing some bids.

I can't promise I will be writing blog post everyday but I'll do my best to get some posted.  I still look forward to your comments and will reply to as many as I can, as always.

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  1. YOU LUCKY DUCKY, you! And thx for the tips on kale, I am gonna recheck those now :)

    1. Thanks Gary. I'm sure you'll find a recipe you like.

  2. Oh yes yes all about your adventure and lovely experiences at Penland!

    1. I will Barbara, at least as much as I can and some when I get home.

  3. Yes, please please blog so I can pretend I am there! I am way overdue a Penland workshop, just can't find spare $$ for one, ugh! I wish they would offer a great weaving workshop, I would go sell some blood or something, haha!

    1. Tracey, you do need to come back just for the fun of it.


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