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A few of the pits that are awaiting firing

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Judy Cutchins Opening Reception at Mudfire

My friend and MudFire member Judy Cutchins combines her love of the nature and interest in science with her love of art in her stunning pottery. As a photgrapher, illustrator, and author, Judy developed a keen eye for observing the natural world and has translated it into sgraffito on her pottery. Coming from Italian for "scratch" - Sgraffito means to incise the surface of a pot covered with a contrasting slip to reveal a drawing - surface depth, carving style, and color help to further define the work.

Loon Covered Jar by Judy Cutchins

The gallery reception is tonight, June 7 from 5pm - 9pm.  You can come to the gallery and meet Judy and talk about her work, how she creates and discuss her style of sgraffito.

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery by Lori Buff


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