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Bye-Bye DOMA

As you may have heard, the Supreme Court ruled that the Defense of Marriage Act was illegal.  Time to celebrate!  I'm really happy about it for so many reasons.  It just feels good when Love wins and people are treated equally.  Of course after Tuesday's ruling that cut the heart out of the voting rights act because the Supreme Court doesn't believe that racism, bigotry, and prejudice exist in the south any more (where do they live and have they not paid attention to the Paula Dean controversy?) I wasn't sure how they could have maintained DOMA as being legal.

Rainbow Over Atlanta Skyline by Lori Buff
Rainbow Skyline Mug

I'm lucky, I live in a fairly major city and am surrounded by artists and other progressive thinking people.  People who realize that who I love has no influence on who they love.  It's a nice, comfortable place to be except politically.  Thankfully, we have been lead by some amazing people who fought and died for civil rights.  Representative and civil rights leader John Lewis is still in office, still trying to make America a free and equal country for everyone.  I am forever grateful for these people.

After reading the Supreme Court's ruling yesterday I found out I can put my pots in the September firing of the Anagama kiln at Hambidge.  It was a really good day.

I'm going to read some blog posts from my sidebar and check out mudcolony then I'll throw some pots for the wood kiln.

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery by Lori Buff


  1. So happy too!!!! My daughter is gay, so I'm so happy for her sake and ALL our sakes! It's just RIGHT!!!

  2. I too was very happy to hear that DOMA was found unconstitutional. Doma affected too many lives in a negative way. The crazy thing is that the supporters (of DOMA) lives are unaffected weather the act is in place or not so why do they care? Prejudice & bigotry.

    The Paula Deen scandal was pretty timely in light of the change in the Voting Rights Act. It has been an interesting week, politically.

    1. Michèle, I think a lot of people act with prejudice and bigotry from fear of something they don't understand. Many of they may be too insecure to even try to understand. But gradually, things are getting better, so that is good.

  3. Everyone should be free to love and marry who ever they see to be their forever partner! Equality should be unconditional for all! It is just right, I agree! And I do love your rainbow skyline mug, just lovely! :) Annie

  4. We live in interesting times, that is for sure.
    The government is just catching up to what many of us already know.
    What's right is right.

    1. Hi Meredith, I wish the government was catching up. Sadly it seems too many politicians are working for their party not their people.

  5. First the Boy Scouts,then the dethroning of Paula Deen, and now the Supreme Court. Now if we can just save the environment!
    I'm so happy to live in Chapel Hill where people are very open minded. Wesley and I were talking this morning about what a bubble we live in, sadly it's not like that everywhere in the south.....

    1. Ha, I do worry that once we get everything sorted out socially and politically the planet will be too screwed up to enjoy it. Of course that's only during my very pessimistic moments.

  6. Good news indeed, but gotta keep those sleeves rolled up--lots of work left to do, and an amendment to repeal here in NC.


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