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The Stacks Lofts + Artists Tour (Part 1)

This Friday and Saturday I'll be participating in the sixth annual Stacks Holiday + Artists Tour.  I'm really excited about doing this show because I've been chatting with some of the people who I'm going to be showing with and they seem like a lot of fun, plus their web sites show some really nice work.  Besides that, the venue is really cool.  They will be giving tours on Saturday but I won't be able to take one since I'll be selling pots.  So I did some exploring when I was there to check out the space and some further exploring on-line.

Fulton Bag and Cotton Mill

The building complex was originally named the Fulton Bag and Cotton Mill.  It was created around 1889 and was a huge employer of men, women, and children in the area known as Cabbagetown.  Being a factory meant a few labor disputes and strikes.  This was a family owned business and it stayed in the family of the originator Jacob Elsas from 1889 until 1968.  Elsas is also known for being instrumental in founding Georgia Tech and his philanthropy in supporting the Grand Opera House, the Hebrew Orphan's Home, and Grady Hospital in Atlanta.

The Stacks

The history doesn't stop in 1968, or even in the mid-1970's when the factory closed.  I'll write more about that tomorrow.

When I was walking around the factory grounds I started thinking about my friend Laura's farm in Central Georgia, it's a cotton farm that has been in her family for hundreds of years.  I can imagine that some of the cotton that was grown there was then milled here and made into grain bags.

The show is Friday, Dec 7 from 6pm - 10 pm and Saturday, Dec 8 from 2pm - 7pm  I'll be in Building B which is the community center, it's near the front entrance, I hope you can stop by, have a glass of wine and enjoy some good art.

Their is a $5 entrance fee (cash only) which goes to support local, worthy causes.

Other Stuff:
Directions to The Stacks Lofts
History of the Fulton Bag and Cotton Mill


  1. Portsmouth NH has an artist colony in an old factory like this one. It's called the Button Factory - they used to manufacture the buttons for shoes, back in the day. They have a holiday studio sale and it's lots of fun and attracts a big crowd.
    I am sure this is going to be a great event for you!

  2. Oh that is really my cup of tea, would love to have a studio in an old building like that, have a super sale.


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