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Post Stacks Lofts + Artists Tour

The show this past weekend was a lot of fun, we had singing and dancing and carrying on plus some art sales and really great customers.  The committee that made the show happen did a great job of setting everything up and communicating with the artists.  The show was promoted well, I heard someone say they had more people walk through the door on Friday night than any previous show in the past six years.  I know from personal experience that it's a lot of work to put on a show like this and I think the commette did a great job.  I'd also like to thank the loft owners who opened up their homes to artists.  It could not have happened without the community coming together as it did.
Stein of Rainbow and City Skyline
Atlanta Skyline Rainbow Mug

One thing that happened which I loved was a preview party the night before the show.  The artists, loft owners and volunteers all met in the community center (where my pottery was displayed) and had a few cocktails & snacks then went around to visit all the lofts for a few minutes.  This really gave us a chance to see the show without trying to find someone to booth sit.  It's a great idea and it was a lot of fun.

Since the show didn't start until 2pm on Saturday I was able to take the historical tour.  This was a lot of fun and rather educational.

My only complaint was our location.  It was actually a great space, I was able to get set up on the Monday before the show which meant I didn't have to unload the truck after the Decatur Holiday Market.  The floor had a wonderful thick, padded carpet which is so fantastic when you have to be on your feet all day and worry about pottery getting dropped.  The problem was that we didn't have a lot of traffic on Saturday.  On Friday the luminaries to the building helped a lot but on Saturday we were almost invisible, even with a sign.  So where I'd love to do the show again next year I'd really like to help the committee get more visitors into that space somehow.

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  1. One of the hardest things about sales is getting people through the door....and letting them know the door is there.

  2. Seems like a few elves were needed.

  3. I know what its like, otherwise good fair, but there is a snag of some kind......

    1. Yes Gary, exactly. If we could only figure out how to get more people into that space it would be about as perfect as one can expect.


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