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Soda Kiln Unloading

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Going to Penland School of Crafts

The truck is all washed and packed up, I'm heading to Penland to help out at the auction and then take a two week workshop with Tom White.  I'm really excited, not only because it's such a great place, I'll see some old friends and make some new ones and I'll learn a lot.
Last year when I was there I didn't post as much as I wanted to because of the difficulties getting away from the clay and to my computer.  This year I have an app for that on my iPod touch.  I love this little gadget but I promised myself not to become a slave to it but rather to use it as a tool for entertainment and productivity.  I'll have to find the setting that turns off the sound whenever and email arrives.
Speaking of tools, here's my travel bag of tools.  It's many of the tools I normally use while creating my pots, and some extras that I seldom use.  I tend to use just a few simple, standard tools but you never know what you'll need in a workshop.
Do you have a large tool collection?  Do you use them all very often?

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