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Elephant Platter/Wall Hanging

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Loading the Anagama Kiln

You may remember my blog post from a few weeks ago where I discussed the woodfire workshop Atlanta Clay is hosting.  Yesterday I went up to Shorter University to help load the wood kiln with Ian and James.
Pots for the anagama

I got there early but they had already started the arduous task of carrying the glazed pots to the anagama from the studio.  I gave mine some liner glaze very quickly and took them out to dry.  Ian advised not to put too much glaze on the outside but rather to let the ash do the work.  I think this was very good advice but I still couldn't help doing a little outside decorating with glaze.
Even more pots, and I missed a table

The kiln is pretty large, as many wood kilns are, which makes loading it a community event.  I ended up being in the middle of the kiln handing pots to James who placed them on the shelves.  After a few hours we had several people from the workshop come up to deliver pots and watch the loading.  Michelle Dziak, who has experience woodfiring helped with the loading also.  When Micha Cain, who helped build the kiln, came down from Asheville the loading time really sped up.
A.J. Argentina who works at the Roswell Clay Collective brought some of his beautiful pots to fire also.  I must admit to feeling a little bit of awe being in the company of these artists but potters tend to be really down to earth folk.  I guess crawling around inside a large brick cave together helps with that.

I had to leave around 4:30 while we were waiting for one other potter to bring his work.  The group was debating finishing loading on Monday or waiting until Tuesday.  Either way the kiln will warm up to about 1000 degrees Fahrenheit with gas then we will start burning the wood.  Right now we have enough wood split for about two days of firing while the rest of the wood is awaiting the splitter.
Wednesday night I will go back up there to take my shift stoking the kiln.  I'll take my video camera so Thursday's video of the week should be from this firing.
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