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Elephant Platter/Wall Hanging

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Weekend Best Bet Per The AJC

Per the Atlanta Journal and Constitution the fourth annual Rail Arts District Studio Cruise happens in community art spaces, performance spaces, studios and galleries along a one-mile stretch of rail line that passes through downtown Avondale Estates, GA, into Decatur’s Laredo Drive industrial area and along East Ponce De Leon Avenue into Scottdale, GA. 11 a.m.-11 p.m. Feb. 12
I'll be set up in 151 Locust which is the old yellow farm house on the corner of Locust and Franklin, right next door to the Avondale post office. The food vendors will be right across the street making it easy to find.  Come on by and have a glass of wine.
Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery


  1. Can you send me an email so I'll have your email to tell you about that green glaze? All my previous emails were accidentally deleted, have a good sale.

  2. Sure, it's FutureRelicsGallery at gmail (dot)com

  3. Nice work:) Greetings from Italy:)

  4. Thank you Martinia. I almost made it to Perugia when I was in Italy but just couldn't fit it in. Next time. It seems like a beautiful city.


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