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I am fostering a rescue dog.  Yesterday I took her up to the pet store in the local shopping center and helped her and the other dogs try to find their forever homes.   While we were there a man approached the woman that runs the rescue organization (Forgotten Paws) and asked her if she would take this dog that he'd found.  He explained that he was homeless but when he found this dog tied up in front of the library overnight he had to act.  The library security guard said the poor dog had been tied up for quite a few hours and he was pretty certain that the owner had abandoned the dog.  So the homeless man untied the dog and held him for an hour until he warmed up.  Since he had his disability check in his pocket the man was able to get the dog some food, shots and an ID tag but he was not welcome in the local homeless shelters with his new companion and so had slept on the street for the past week.  Of course this isn't good for anyone so when he saw us the man hoped that we could help give the dog a better life than he could.  He left the dog with us and asked for nothing in return.
The rescue groups transport truck was completely full with dogs, crates, blankets and donated food so I said I'd take the dog home and keep him overnight so we could get some feeling for his behavior.  I can easily say he's a sweet dog who knows some commands and is a good house guest.
What amazes me is how this person with nothing at all was so willing to help this poor dog.  When I used to work downtown I would see how people with jobs would treat the people without.  It usually wasn't good, but some people who are on the street are just as sweet and kind as our neighbors and friends - maybe more so. 
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  1. So very true, what a beautiful story, if only some of those people would read and understand or learn kindness.

  2. so very true, not sure if the last comment went through


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