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Let It Shine

Yesterday I was doing some yard work with the string trimmer when it kicked up a rock which hit me right in the eye. I know I should have been wearing safety glasses but really, do you wear them all the time? I will now as it gave me quite a scare and quite a shiner. It also hurts really badly. I've had a black eye before, it was when I was a kid. Some friends were playing tag, I was being chased by my brother, I looked behind me to see how close he was and when I turned around again I found the side of the brick house with the side of my face. I remember feeling the swelling under my hand as the goose egg formed. But the next day I was up in front of the church singing with the rest of my Sunday School class. I'm sure my parents were real proud.
This weekend a woman participated in the Alternative Firing Workshop that Linda and Charlie Riggs presented at Mudfire, the woman had severe vision problems and required help from her husband. He directed her hand when she was decorating a pot and he took the hot pots out of the kiln. The work was hers and it was very good but it was also a joint effort. I thought of this loving team work when I thought about how close I came to causing some real damage to my eye and how important my eyes are to me.

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery


  1. that was really a close call; glad you are ok. I always have my sunglasses on because my eyes are sensitive to the sun even on cloudy days but I have been hit with a rock from a lawn mower walking by when someone else was mowing, so it can be dangerous in the yard. Do you have any photos to share of the raku workshop? sounds interesting.

  2. I didn't take many pictures during the workshop, their was so much going on I kept forgetting about my camera. I do have lots of Raku firing pictures on my FaceBook Fan Page:

    and some videos on my You Tube channel:

  3. I've been posting videos from the workshop at

  4. Thanks Mike.
    I'll post the link in the comments of the workshop article too.


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