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Where to Display the Price Tag

The various topics around selling art keep coming up.  It's show season here in Atlanta and many other places where the weather is starting to get nice so it just makes sense.  I hear a lot of conversation about pricing our work but little about displaying the price.  It seems their are only two schools of thought on that, either show the price prominently or make it a little more discrete so it doesn't detract from the beauty or the piece.

If you display the price tag in a place that is seen immediately upon viewing the art people will know if they can afford it or not.  They will know if it's in the price range for their budget.  They will know if the piece is safe or not.  For example, some potters will sell mugs for $10 (I think they are giving those away), some will sell a mug for $100 and everywhere in between.  So if a customer walks into my booth or a gallery that sells my pottery they can look at the price and decide if it's safe to explore that mug further.

The other thought is if you show them the price right away, the potential customer may make a decision based only on price.  They may not pick up the pot and feel the weight or the texture.  They won't turn it over and look at the foot or the other details that make the difference between a low dollar item and a more expensive piece.
Pottery Vase by Future Relics Gallery
Vase with Tie Tag

As often as possible I will use tie tags that have the price and my contact info on them.  I try to keep the tie tag out of the way of testing the piece because I don't want it to be distracting.  Have you ever tried on a pair of sunglasses just to wonder how they would look on you if they didn't have a large tag  hanging off of them blocking the lower part of your face?  That's my motivation.

Which do you prefer?

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery by Lori Buff


  1. I always wonder where to display the tag but I think consistency of displaying is the key. I prefer the stick on tags but ones that don't stick so surely to the piece that they can't be washed or rubbed off.

    1. Hi Linda, those tags can be a problem, some don't like to stick to the pot, others don't want to come off for anything. That's another reason I like the tags.

  2. I just posted about the weather and retail season myself :) I put a little sticker in a prominent spot...can't say I have thought much about it before, but maybe I use one of my business cards turned into a hang tag...

    1. Good idea Gary. You're going to be giving the customer your card anyway, you might as well give it to them as a price tag.

  3. Good question, Lori. As a rule, I put a small sticker on the bottom edge of the pot, not on the bottom, which on mugs, for example, is to the bottom right of the handle. I like the tie tag idea too, but only if there is somewhere to hang it. I do not like to see tape holding a tie tag on to pottery. .something not right about tape and handcrafted.. :)... And then must remember to give the purchaser my business card. Have a great sale season. Trish from Alberta

    1. Thanks Trish, it sounds like your tags are easy to find but not too prominent.


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