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The Legend of the Monk’s Pillow Vase

It is said that a Buddhist Monk would keep one of these vases in his bed roll when he traveled. When he sat down to meditate he would put a flower into the vase and set it in front of him. That way when he came out of his meditative state the first thing he would see would be a beautiful flower. Being a minimalist and traveling on foot it behooved him to have multiple uses for everything he carried. The vase fit nicely under the neck and provided support while the monk was sleeping.

Monk's Pillow Bud Vase by Future Relics Gallery
Monks Vase

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Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery by Lori Buff


  1. wow, never heard of a monk's vase, I did see some wood pillows for the neck made in Africa once, same principle, but I like the thought of the monk seeing a flower right after meditating.

    1. I've seen those pillows too but without this benefit. Of course you could just use it as a vase.

  2. I've seen ceramic pillows before.. Chinese I think but like a pad not a tube shape.. either would be very hard to sleep on :( much nicer to use for meditation..

    1. I think the hard pillows were just supposed to be neck support, still not as nice as a feather pillow, so yes, Anna, much better for meditation, or anytime you want to have a few cut flowers in the house.


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