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Customer Service Expectations

You may have noticed that blog posts here have been a little sporadic.  If you post a blog that I comment on frequently you may have noticed the lack of comments.  I'm sorry about all of that, I tried the best I could but I was having troubles with my internet and that made things difficult.  I don't want to get into the entire nightmare and bore you with all the details of my trials and tribulations with AT&T just suffice it to say, I'm now on Comcast.

I have friends that use comcast and I know their reputation.  I am fully expecting the same lousy customer service with comcast that I had with AT&T.  It just that this was my only option for fixing the issue with the wires.  Tech folks call it a work-around.  I call it out of the frying pan and into the fire.  In all honesty my experience has been really good thus far so it's not right for me to be ugly, I just know what my friends have experienced.  I'm sure you all can discuss a horrible customer experience you or a friend has had dealing with these large corporations that are giving us something we feel like we can't live without.  Basic human needs have become, food, water, shelter, internet/TV (I don't own a TV so I'm not getting all my basic needs).

Pottery Juicer by Future Relics Gallery
Ceramic Juicer

I'm largely certain I would never get this kind of lousy customer service from a small business.  I know I would never give it.  I have not had many customer service issues arise but a few times a piece has gotten broken in shipping.  I normally replace the piece promptly either taking a replacement from my stock or making a new one if one is not available.  I also try to have this impact the customer as little as possible.  I should be the person who contacts the post office of FedEx, they shouldn't need to do that.  They are the customer.

I also do lots of commissions.  I always explain to the customer the process of making pottery and how long it takes due to drying times and the like.  Most people do seem to be understanding and it's me that feels uncomfortable that it takes so long.  Maybe that's the way it should be.  Happy customers, business owners doing the best they can.

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  1. Glad to see that you are able to post again. Being without your computer can be craze inducing, particularly when you have such active on line sales. I like your attitude and policies about selling your work.
    Whenever I start grouching about my internet service, I hear or read about others' problems and shut up. Although I do wonder about their claims of speed at times. "If this is fast, what are other services like?"
    Thanks to for the post about Ms. Angelou.

    1. Thanks Suze, I have to admit, comcast is giving me a much faster speed than I had with AT&T, I'm overjoyed about that.
      You're welcome, she is one of my heros.

  2. I have been fortunate that our internet company in Seagrove has been good. I had comcast in the past and the only issue I had was when I moved and closed my account. I gave them the turn off date and they proceeded to bill me for an extra few days. The amount was small, just a few dollars, but I felt I shouldn't be responsible. It took a few calls to settle it but in the end it probably would have been cheaper to send them a check for a couple of bucks! Glad your back online and with faster speeds!

    1. Hi Michèle, is the internet company in Seagrove a small business? I hope I don't run into customer service issues with comcast, I'm just poised for it due to other's experiences. I does remind me of the type of service I want to give to my customers.

    2. It is Centurylink, not a small business. Many years ago I had dsl through my small locally owned phone company in NH. The service was great. If you had an issue they usually just sent someone down to help you... no long phone calls with tech support in a foreign country.

    3. It is always so nice to learn of people who have good or even great customer service with a large corporation like Centurylink. Kudos to them.


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