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Teapot Tuesday - Flower Pot Teapot Set

This teapot and mugs set was made a few years ago.  The idea is that they look like those terra cotta flower pots that we use in our gardens.  These aren't actually made from the same clay but from Highwater's Orangestone and fired in a gas reduction kiln which gives it a very similar look but they are much more durable.

Clay flowerpot teapot and mugs by Lori Buff
Flower Pot Teapot and Mugs

The woman who bought the teapot comes to many of the shows I do, she's very sweet and always tells me how much she enjoys the teapot.  She uses it almost daily.  I love to hear that, I know she's building memories with it.

Flowerpot teapot by Future Relics Pottery
Flower Pot Teapot

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  1. the style, shape and color of these is wonderful, great concept to fruition

  2. This is delightful and fun. Don't you love it when customers tell you how much they are enjoying using your pots?

    1. Thanks Suzie, I do love knowing that people are using and enjoying a pot years after they bought it. It's really a big part of creating something by hand.

  3. boy am I glad to see this, what a cute set!


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