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Kissed By The Flame

Some pots are quiet, they don’t speak of carving or imagery. This one didn’t even speak of glaze colors or designs. Sometimes it’s a good idea to listen to the quiet. That would probably have been a better name for this post, maybe it’s the name of the vase. With nothing but a spearmint liner glaze, this piece was placed in the soda kiln. It’s about 11 inches tall so it was put in the top with a sculpture and a few other tall pieces. The soda and the flame did the decoration.

The vase is still very quiet but I think it came out well. I’m pleased with the painting the soda and flame did.

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Galleryby Lori Buff

Teapot Tuesday - Tea For Two

As much as I love Three Cups of Tea I can also recognize that sometime people just want one or two cups.  This little teapot is perfect for them (besides, you can always brew a fresh pot quickly).  Some people may wonder why this teapot doesn't have a handle.  How are you going to pour the tea without a handle?  That's part of the design.  When the teapot is cool enough to touch the tea will be cool enough to drink, and it will be steeped.  I remember my grandmother continually checking the tea, pouring it into a not dark enough, back into the teapot it goes, wait, repeat.  This teapot solves that issue and saves space at the same time.  You can easily lift the teapot in your hand, hold your index finger on the lid and pour.  The carved surface helps give grip while also being pretty.

Carved, 2 Cup Teapot by Lori Buff
Two Cup Teapot

I got the idea from Japanese tea bowl and yunomi.  They don't have handles because the potter's thought was that if you couldn't handle the heat of the vessel then you couldn't handle the heat of the tea yet.  This teapot uses that some idea.

You can find this and other teapots I've made in my Etsy Store.

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery by Lori Buff


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