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Time For A New Booth?

It seems like artist, maybe potters specifically, are frequently making changes to the design of our booths.  It's probably part of our personality traits, we are always trying new forms and glazes, why not a new booth?  I've been thinking about this lately because of being caught in the rain a few times.  I have an Ez-up tent that is a few years old, it's from before they started using Velcro on the side walls so the walls are anything but Ez.  Needless to say, I don't use them when I don't think I have to but that means I risk my shelves getting wet in a sudden storm.

I love my shelves.  They are good looking, strong, flexible, and hold a lot of pots. They are heavy which is a pain in the neck when I'm moving them around, but also means they don't tip over very easily. They do take some time to assemble and break down at shows but we've got it down to a science so it's quicker than you'd expect.  The only problem is that they don't like getting wet and they will become unusable if they get wet too much.
Future Relics Pottery Festival display booth
Pottery Booth

So I'm thinking about a new booth design.  I'm toying with all sorts of ideas but none seems perfect -if that's even possible.  What do you use or think would make a brilliant pottery display?  I'd love to see pictures of other 3D artists booths.  I'd also like to hear from non-artists about your ideas since you see the festival booth from a different angle.

Thanks for all your comments.

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery by Lori Buff


  1. oh I think about booth designs all the time, after the fiasco of making my own shelves in Florida and painting them and the paint not drying. I am thinking of getting some fold up shelves from Pier I, but what i think look really good are the pedestal type displays for sculptural work.

    I think the booth design probably depends upon what type of work is featured and that the design should coincide with that. is it functional, is it sculptural, etc.

    In the past I had more display space and now I am thinking less is more for my booth display, will be working on mine in the near future.

    wondering why your shelves can't get wet?

    so many aspects to consider.

    1. I really like the way pedestals look too. Of course then you need some really outstanding piece to show off on the pedestal not to mention room to transport them. I need a van.

    2. I think Michael Kline posted some time ago about some cardboard pedestals that fold flat, I hate packing and unpacking up for shows, if only there was such a thing as a mobile booth display where I could just back up to the show, open the door and be set up, what a dreamer I am. Ha.

    3. These shelves have a piece of metal hammered into the sides, this holds the shelves in the raisers but if they get wet this wood splits and breaks.
      Cardboard pedestals would be really easy to transport but I also like Lori Watts' idea below.

  2. I do fewer shows than before, when for about ten years I had a truck, canopy, etc. Now it is a tiny car, some painted shelves, crates and a table or 2...and the internet! The internet keeps me dry, because I don't do many shows. BUT in your case, dang, your display looks great, why change at all ?

    1. Thanks Gary. I am trying to do more on my Etsy store but my camera is failing me. I can take better pictures with my phone than my SLR. Isn't that silly.

  3. I'm sometimes think about getting back into shows again. If I did, I think I would go with a more spare look than my last booth ( .) I'm thinking charcoal and cream, to let the colors of the pottery pop. Then I remember that the booths I feel most compelled to walk into are the ones with lots of visual stimulation. I go back and forth.
    One thing for sure, though: I'm going to build my pedestals, if I have them, out of insulating foam board. No more back-breaking plywood!
    I have a whole pinterest board of art fair booth ideas.

  4. Great idea Lori, even if they get damaged in moving a lot they are cheap and easy to replace.
    I've started following your art booth board on Pinterest.

  5. I'm still struggling with this. I have a board on Pinterest where I'm collecting ideas:

    My issue is that more often than not, I'm setting up and tearing down alone, so things have to be light enough for me to manage by myself. I just got two of these:
    and two of these:

    They're supposed to set up and tear down easily, and they store flat, which means it will take up FAR less space during transport, and they're relatively light. With some decoration they'll look good, and give me some height. I'll see them in action soon; I really hope they work! I don't yet have a lot of sculpture, though that will change. ANd so will my booth!

    1. The shelves look good, please let me know what you think of them once you've used them for a few shows.

    2. Will do!
      I think part of my personal challenge is also making time to play with display ideas. Too often, I throw things together at the last minute because I mentally can't deal with MORE stuff to set up. Of course, the booth needs to be eye-catching because, for the most part, women are the ones who spend the money, and women like a pretty display!


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