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Elephant Platter/Wall Hanging

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Public Art In Boise

Public art is important to cities.  It adds beauty and interest.  It speaks to the priorities of the people of the city.  It gives residents and visitors something to view, admire, and discuss.  It helps prevent graffiti.  The city of Boise, ID, and many other cities around the world have discovered this to be true.  As a tourist I was really happy to see it.  Not only do I love looking at art but it made me feel like the city was safer because someone cares about it.  Okay, Boise, ID in the middle of the day seems really safe anyway, but you know what I mean, it's better to look at a city street that is decorated and loved rather than ignored.

You know those ugly, grey electrical boxes you see on many street corners, the one's the make the traffic lights work?  In Boise each was adorned with some art.  I don't mean fliers for some band that played at some bar 3 weeks ago, but they were made into an actual work of art.  The artwork was respected so the handbills were not posted.

Freak Alley Gallery, Boise, ID

Another great space for public art was called Freak Alley Gallery.  This was really interesting because it was a space that was being used for parking, and included an alley way to help people get to neighboring streets and businesses.  Alley's don't usually sound like someplace attractive.  At best they tend to be a way to get somewhere, at worst they are filled with garbage and/or crime.  But here, it's filled with art.  You could probably spend an a good deal of time exploring the various murals in this area.  So much fun.

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery by Lori Buff


  1. that is totally cool :) I bet Idaho is gorgeous, but (sorry to be a spoilsport!) I have a hard time with red states' politics..... the guns, the intolerance...

  2. I totally agree Gary and would not even go to such a red state if it weren't for a visit to see family. Also, most artists are more liberal minded and I want to support them, plus, they are getting that message out to the masses in Boise with this public art.


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