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Ceramics and Other Art In Boise

Yesterday I wrote about some of our vacation in Southern Idaho.  When we left there we went up to Boise which is a nice little city with a pretty cool down town area with lots of local flavor.  The first touristy thing we did was go to the Boise Art Museum.  It's a pretty cool little museum with some very interesting art.  We had planed to go visit BAM before I even realized that they had an exhibit of modern and contemporary ceramics which is the Kay Hardy and Gregory Kaslo collection.  And what a collection it is!  They were exhibiting pieces from many of the great names like Lucie Rie, Bernard Leach, Paul Soldner, Peter Voulkos, Beatrice Wood, and so many more.  It was really an interesting, eclectic, and wonderful collection.  I wonder what these people have at home.

Christopher Staley, Half Moon Jar, 2009

They also had an exhibit by Lisa Kokin titled "How The West Was Sewn."  She displayed a couple of different styles of work.  For one body she took apart books and sewed them into wall sculptures that resemble vines, branches, and leaves.  These were really quite beautiful and colorful, something I'd defiantly love to have on a wall in my house.  Even the shadows that they cast on the walls was wonderful.
Lisa Kokin, Lost River (detail), thread, wire, book pages

She also has creates cowboys out of lace that are really enjoyable.  She uses the lace to poke a little fun at the cowboy image that we've been exposed to in westerns.  They are really smart and funny.

Their were others but one of my favorite displays was titled Night Hunter and Night Hunter House by Stacey Steers.  It's dark.  It's weird.  It's edgy. It's pretty great. She took parts of old, silent movies and created a collage with animation.  Yes, it's a film collage.  They were playing that in one room while in the next were images from the movie displayed on the walls and a very detailed sculpture of a victorian house.  As we looked into the windows of each room we saw that the room was created as a replica of a room in the film and sections of the film where being played in the various rooms.  It was very creative and captivating.  I cannot begin to imagine how many hours of work were put into making it happen let alone creating the idea.

Stacey Steers, Night Hunter House (detail), 2011

The museum has a no photography policy that I had to respect so all the images are from BAM, not me.

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery by Lori Buff


  1. oh I'd love to see that exhibit, will check the website to see if there is more.

    1. I'll bet you would like the exhibit Linda. The web site is really a teaser to get you to go to the museum (as it should be), the artists web sites have more images.

  2. You're welcome, thanks for coming along.


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