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Inman Park Festival and Firedworks

The week of blogging starts off with Meatless Mondays and now Teapot Tuesdays so whatever happens over the weekend seems to just wait until Wednesday.  This isn't a problem, especially when it's been a really good weekend.  Sometimes it's nice to revisit after a few days.

The weekend started by driving down to Macon to set up for Firedworks on Friday.  I love this show because it's so well run, so easy to do, it has so many great potters, and I get to visit with them as well as the patrons.  I've been reading the book Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides and he just mentioned going to an art opening where he expected to talk to some artists, but no, only patrons where at this art opening.  Firedworks is not like that.  It's true that some people have other commitment and can't make it to the opening but many of the potters do stay.  I was only sad that I couldn't stay longer but I did have to get up early to set up for the Inman Park Festival.  Firedworks is a 10 day show so try to get to it by May 4th, 2014 if you can.

Firedworks Display

Saturday started out sunny and pleasant and pretty much stayed that way the entire day.  It was nice and warm in the sun but a gentle breeze and abundant shade kept us from feeling too hot.  The weather was absolutely perfect for a festival.  The people were there to have fun and to see and buy some great art.  This event gives them all of that and more.  I got to visit with a lot of friends and I found new homes for lots of pots.  By the end of Saturday I had run out of my medium size bags and had to start using larger ones.  Thankfully I still had some bags at the studio.
Inman Park Booth

Sunday brought more of the same, lots of wonderful people who where really enjoying the festival.  More visiting with friends, more pots finding new homes.  The weather was almost as nice but just a touch more humid, rain was in the area.  About an hour and a half before it was time to close I could tell it was coming.  My mom grew up in the country and taught me the signs.  I started packing up the parts of my display that don't like water.  I'm never too worried about the pots, they can handle it, many are made to hold liquids but the shelves and risers are wood.  If I were smarter I would have put the sidewalls back on the tent.  Hindsight is 20/20.  It doesn't matter, we got everything packed up  except the tent when the rain stopped, I got the truck and we loaded that in a hurry because more storms were in the area.  I think it took 5 minutes to load, maybe 6, and we were off in record time.

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery by Lori Buff


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