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A Little Time Off

The end of this month will see two of the biggest shows I do in the spring, Firedworks in Macon, GA and The Inman Park Festival here in Atlanta.  Both shows start on the same weekend.  I know that weekend is going to be busy so I've been making pots like crazy so I have enough good ones for both events.  However, I also took a little time off to visit Janet's family in Idaho.  Her family lives in rural southern Idaho.  It's farm country for sure.  That means lots of amazing vistas.  You can see the weather coming a mile away.

When we left Atlanta it was just starting to become spring-like.  The flowers were starting to bloom and the days were feeling warmer.  The first morning we awoke in Idaho we found snow on the fields.

Snowy Sunrise in Idaho

It was pretty and just a light dusting so no big deal.  Okay, it would have brought Atlanta to a complete standstill but we didn't have to drive or shovel so it was fun to play with the dogs in it.

We also took a boat ride along part of the Snake River thanks to 1000 Springs Boat Tours.  Here's a picture of one of the waterfalls.

Snake River Waterfall

I didn't try to photograph or count them all but we saw a lot of them. This time of year you miss the spectacular foliage but the flowering trees where already showing their beauty and we got to see a large variety of birds that we might not have seen otherwise.  It all evens out.

Tomorrow I'll write about the fun stuff we did in Boise including a great ceramics exhibit.

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery by Lori Buff


  1. oh the snake river looks so inviting, we almost moved to Hurricaine, UT and some other place in Idaho which I now can't remember. have a super time.

    1. Thanks Linda. The river is both inviting and dangerous depending on where you are in it. It's very pretty everywhere I've seen.

  2. oh, soooo pretty.... wow, I think, ahem, you were lucky the weather was not worse!

    1. Yes Gary, we were so lucky with the weather.

  3. sigh..... love the Snake River, spent many wonderful hours paddling and fishing on it back in my 20's. What a great way to kick off spring!

    1. It's such an amazing place, I can see why you have such fond memories of it.


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