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Hipster Hippo Rides Again

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Peach Cobbler

I love it when a customer sends me a picture of one of my pots in use or where it's displayed.  I really think it would be fun to have a collection of these pictures but I rarely think to ask for them.  Thankfully, some of my customers think about it themselves.  That's what happened this weekend when a casserole I made was used in someone's Thanksgiving dinner.  Here it is with some peach cobbler in it.  I just love the way the warm, golden color of the cobbler looks with the ash glaze trio.
The lid is designed to stand easily on the knob, on some pieces it can actually be used as a serving bowl.  In this picture it's being used as a stand for the cobbler.

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery


  1. Looks delicious in your pottery, I love peach cobbler, my grandmother used to make it, oh so good.


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