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Feeling Foolish

As you may know,  I'm on the planning committee for the Telephone Factory Art Show and Sale.  I volunteered for the committee because the show might have been canceled if nobody helped make it possible.  It's been a lot of work but I've really enjoyed doing it and working with the rest of the committee.  Of course it's also been a bit stressful fitting in everything for the show plus my own stuff, especially my studio sale coming up this weekend.  But I've actually been able to get some stuff done ahead of time which made me feel great.  Until I realized that we need about 3000 postcards printed and I only ordered 1000.  This puts us way behind in getting the word out there.  I feel like I've let the committee and the other artists down.  I know it'll all work out but right now I feel pretty crappy.
Thanks for reading and thanks for your comments (please be kind).
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