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No Use Crying...

Today is starting out on a sad note, last night we realized that we have a dead bunny to pick up near the road.  I didn't want to do that task in the dark so it's awaiting me now.  A great way to start the day.  Then Janet was getting ready for work and accidentally broke one of her favorite coffee mugs (not the one pictured here).  It's interesting how we think of things, as much as I hate to see any dead animal it seems worse that it's a bunny, they are cute and relatively harmless (except to my garden), they don't seem to tease the dogs like squirrels do so it feels sadder to see it has died. 
The mug is a little bit of a different story.  Yes, it sucks that it got broken, even though it's just an object Janet cried about it, she feels awful.  But if she had treasured it, and put it on a shelf somewhere safe and not used it I don't think she would have enjoyed it so much and it still may have gotten broken while dusting or something. 
Lorrie King of 50 Cents Period brought one of my Goddess mugs to a woman in Nepal who said it was too beautiful to use and put the mug somewhere safe.  I appreciate that she feels that way and I honor her thinking but I don't wonder if it would be better if she used it and was reminded of the Goddess within herself, her friendship with Lorrie, the great work they are doing together, or anything else that may come to mind.
I guess the message here is that life is short, no matter if it's an animal or an object, and we should simply enjoy as much of it as we can.

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  1. yes, try to enjoy life, try not to have any regrets :)

  2. Our cat brought a dead bunny up to the door the other day, I waited too late to get it off the porch and she chewed the head off ick!
    Then the next day, she DID IT AGAIN! Gerry wasn't around either time so I had to scoop up dead headless bunnies and take them away, so nasty!
    I broke two favorite pieces of pottery in September, I still mourn their loss :(

  3. oh I ate to see dead animals on the road, it so very sad, I remember when I saw a big tortoise here, I still think of him every time I dive by that section of oad and our neighbor put up a tiny white cross for him; I think the symbols you've used on your pottery are great; too bad about Janet's mug, hopefully she'll find another one to be a favorite.

    Sometimes I think crying about the little things are a release for things that may not be so little and letting them go that way is good.

  4. Tracey - I'm sorry your cat has been doing that, it's sad and icky. I'm also sorry about the pieces you broke.

    Linda - I love the tiny white cross for the tortoise, I hope it inspires others to be more careful driving there. You're right about the tears, I was just thinking about the old saying and the Motown song.


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