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Ladybug Bowl

I don't normally like to rush the drying of any of my pots.  I've seen too much loss when people do this and I don't want my pots to suffer the same fate.  If I don't have time for them to dry properly I most likely don't have time to recreate them.  But sometimes they need just a few minutes to be at the perfect dryness for trimming or something.  At those times I'll put the pot in the sun.  Sometimes I will find that a furry woodland creature has invaded Atlanta and is checking out my pottery.  I don't mind, who doesn't love it when their art is admired.  The only thing I don't like is that squirrels and chipmunks tend to leave paw prints in the rims of the bowls leaving me to have to refinish the rim.  Today I came out of the studio to find this lady bug trying to leave her mark on my bowl.  Thankfully, it was dry enough to resist but it started making me think about how to decorate the edges of some pieces.  I'm not sure where these thoughts will take me but I guess I can say it'll be inspired by nature.


  1. She was warming up on the pot, how cool. When we lived in the Sierra Mountains every spring we would discover lady bugs who had overwintered in a stump or at the base of a tree, thousands of them I wish I had a photo of them now, is was amazing to see so many all together.

  2. Ladybugs seem to enjoy overwintering in our house. On a sunny day, you'll see them gathering on the ceiling and window ledges. People might think it's gross or weird, but I feel blessed to have been chosen by them and am happy we can co-exist to make it through the winter.


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