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The alarm clock is set to NPR which means I normally wake up to the news and start complaining politics first thing in the morning.  I need to find a light jazz station or something soothing.  However, yesterday I heard two stories that really made me happy.  One was about Chinese artist Ai Weiwei who was arrested without charges several months ago.  Lots of people protested, Weiwei was released and told not to leave the country.  It took the Chinese government a few months to charge Weiwei with tax evasion to the tune of $2.4 million.  That might be enough to make you really sad except people are donating money to him so he can pay the tax bill.  Some are sending it into his home via paper airplanes or tied to fruit that they throw over the wall.  It makes my heart feel good that the people of China are supporting this artist that the government clearly wants to quiet.
The other article that made me happy was about all the people that have moved their money to credit unions or small banks.  You may remember that I wrote this article suggesting you do the same.  Well, a movement was started (not because of my article) and this past Saturday was "Move Your Money Day."  I had no idea that this even existed when I wrote the article, I was just pissed at Bank of Screw America (who I don't use) for being so greedy and ugly to their customers (some of whom are my friends).  So I'm glad to see the credit unions and the members who own them getting stronger while the big banks that hurt this country getting smaller.  Keep it up people, it's not as hard as BoA wants you to think it is.  You can set up a new bank account on line right now.  Go.

Other Stuff:

NYC Galleries Show Ai Weiwei's Work while Donations in China Pour In & Dump Your Bank Day Success Evolves Into Live Webinar Event

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  1. You and my husband would get along well, he has his first cup of coffee and he's off: pharmaceutical companies, banks, republicans, fracking, news media, every morning! I may have to take his computer away, his head is going to explode one of these days :)
    I am glad to see people finally saying hell no we aren't going to take this. Now if we can just educate enough people about the oil companies and the anti-christ Dick Cheney!

  2. I heard both of these stories and already have my credit union, we the people need to keep taking back the power.

    the top ad at the bottom of your blog is for B of A by the way

  3. Ha! That is funny that the ad is for BofA, they must have picked up the mention and thought it was a good place to advertise.
    In the process of dumping my big bank for a CU right now!
    Thanks for spreading the word.

  4. Tracey - Gerry works for AP, taking his computer away may not help, he'll find other ways to get the news about how Dick Cheney and friends are going to end the world.
    Linda & Anonymous- Good for you and your CU. Funny about the Ad, I don't choose those, I just get paid if people click on them. Boy would they be unahppy if they knew they were paying me to advise people against them.


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