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Bowls Today

Six pound bowl I've been making a lot of smaller pieces lately like butter keepers, soap dishes, and of course, mugs.  So today, after I was inspired by a call from a collector, I decided to make some decent size bowls.  Here's one I made just before going into the house for lunch and to write this blog.  It's six pounds of clay and a nice size but I think it can be a little bigger.  I may try after lunch, it'll be a bit firmer then.
What do you think, would you try one more pull?
This afternoon I'll be going over to At The Collective to take down what's left of my opening show, I'll leave some pieces for my permanent display, it'll be fun to decide which ones.  I love packing up when I'm not exhausted from selling pots all day.  It just makes it easier.


  1. It's hard to tell from the photo, but I'd go one more pull, what do I know I can count the number of time I've thrown, Ha. It really is so much easier packing when you're not worn out for sure.

  2. You all were right, I gave it one more pull and I do like it better. Now it gets trimmed.


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