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Too Busy To Be Creative?

I keep getting totally stressed out by how busy I am right now.  If you're an artist too you are probably thinking "it's the holiday season, we all are busy, get over it and count your blessings."  You'd be right, that's really good advice.  The thing is, sometimes being very busy, and stressed because of it cuts down on creativity.  We may not be as busy next year if we aren't creative enough this season so now is a good time to think about some things we can do to prevent or get over the creativity suck of being very busy.

The first thing to remind ourselves is that we can't do everything and it's ok to ask for some help.  Sometimes that help may be something as simple as asking a partner to do a little more of the house work.  For me, I know I'll have more time to pay-back that favor in January and February so it's ok to ask for it now when I need it.

Another thing to do is notice when you have the most creative energy and try to use that to schedule work time.  If it's morning, try getting up a little bit earlier so you can spend some time creating before the other distractions of the day start getting in the way.  If it's evening maybe forgo watching TV or some other evening activity that would take you away from your most creative time.

Try to be more organized.  Now may not be the time to reorganize your entire studio or all the closets in your house, who has got time for that anyway?  But it may be a great time to find little things that you can do in a more organized fashion.  This should save you some time and energy and make your life easier.  We can all do with a little of that.

Don't be afraid to say "no."  As the holidays approach we get asked to attend a lot of events.  Some are more fun than others, some more important than others.  Try to strike a balance.  You'll be really stressed out if you don't take some time to relax and have fun but don't be afraid to say "no, thanks, I have to be in the studio."

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