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Join a Credit Union

Many people are upset about Bank of screw America charging a $5 to use your debit card.  I've even seen a petition going around  The other big banks that we bailed out with our tax dollars are sitting poised to see how this works for BoA.  If we simply get used to it then many of the other banks that we own will start charging customers also.   We may see advertising wars like who has the lowest debit card rate but the bottom line is, you're going to pay for it.
The other option is to become a member of a credit union.  As a member you do own the bank and have a say in what happens.  Imagine being asked to vote on a bank policy.  Credit Unions are non-profit which benefits the members, and they didn't need to be bailed out.  If everyone moves away from the big banks and joins a credit union, or at least a small bank, then the big one's won't be too big to fail or too big to screw the customer.

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