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Cutting vs. Growing

Yes, the U.S. government wastes too much money, you'll never get an argument from me about that and I agree cuts are needed.  Too bad the idiots in Washington don't know how to run a business and don't understand that many of the cuts they are making actually cost the country money because they are cutting jobs.  This is not the way to grow the economy or any business.
I keep track of my sales.  When I noticed that people were buying more functional pots I started making more of them.  It's what people want and I enjoy making them.  Now my sales are consistently up.   I don't see anything wrong with this.
Sometimes a business may have to reinvent itself in order to grow and thrive.  This may be what some government agencies like the post office need to do. I'll admit, I don't have all the answers to how they would go about doing this but I think they need a redirected focus.  Focus on growth not on cuts.
I'll never have a successful pottery if I only make cuts, we will not have a successful economy if all we do is focus on cuts.
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  1. The thing I will never understand is this: back in the 80's/90's factories like the furniture and textile industries started shutting down their plants here to take manufacturing offshore for cheaper labor. They laid off thousands. If those thousands don't have jobs, how are they going to buy anything, no matter how cheap it is! We need those furniture and textile workers in this country, not in China. And then they wonder at how rich China is becoming!

  2. Tracey - We are still doing that today, take EarthLink, Inc for example. They laid off everyone they could, sent jobs overseas, but business didn't grow, so they laid off more people, yet the business doesn't grow. Why? They don't have any customers in the places where they sent the jobs (among other reasons).

  3. Pretty soon our labor here will be cheaper than in those other countries because we'll be so desperate for jobs and then the factories will move back here, meanwhile many will be so desperate for a job they'll take anything they can get.

    If the post office closed one day a week and the folks at the top took a pay cut they'd have plenty of money.

    I took a stock of what I sold at the last show and am going to be making more of those items, most were functional, although I can't help myself making the non functional stuff.


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