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Thoughts About Steve Jobs As An Artist

It started in a garage, as a creation of a dream and became something that has, in some way or another touched most people who are alive today.
Many artists work alone in a garage/studio and never consider the tie they have with the technology genius of Steve Jobs.  His life wasn't about mother boards and ram.  It was about being creative, about following your heart, about adding elegance and beauty into peoples lives and it was about believing in himself.  He didn't invent products that people wanted, he invented products and then told us that we want them.  And he was right, we do want them.  We want them because they are built well, useful, and beautiful.
As artists we try to create the same things.  We don't want to put our worst work out there for the public, we want to show our best work.  People have different reasons for finding something useful.  A beautiful painting can be as useful as a coffee mug.  The fact that people will pay $10 - $100 or more for a hand made coffee mug when they can buy a used mug that works just as well for fifty cents at a garage sale proves that people want beauty in their lives.
Steve Jobs did and said a lot of brilliant things in his life.  Even though it has ended much too early we should never stop learning from him and we should always remember that great things can come out of our humble garage/studio.

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  1. "He didn't invent products that people wanted, he invented products and then told us that we want them." I'm going to keep this in mind at m next show! I don't make things that people want, so I need to convince them they do want them!!
    We are a big Apple family. 3 ipods and we have owned 8 apple computers over the past decade.

  2. Lori - great post. We should remember Steve Jobs as an artist - I think most of us just think of him as a techno genius. He was so much more. It always saddens me when someone who has so much to give dies at such a young age.
    And his life truly points out that if we live true to our visions, we can accomplish a lot -- even in our garage studios - YAY!

  3. Well said, Lori.
    Thanks for a beautiful tribute.


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