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Mugshot Monday

Here's another very simple but pretty mug. I posted a similar one a few weeks ago, this is just a different shape. It's still Standards Brown Speck clay and Stan's White glaze fired to cone 6 in oxidation.

To me, it is just simplicity. I could hold this mug and enjoy a nice, warm cup of coffee while relaxing in the morning. Years ago I used to read a newspaper while having my morning coffee. Now I'm a little more tree friendly so I get my news from NPR and on-line but this cup brings me back to Sunday mornings with the New York Times.

Where can you find some simplicity in your life?


The Shino Gods Were Good to Me

via Instagram


  1. There must be special Shino Kiln Goddesses and Gods smiling on you!

    1. It does seem that way. It’s also a good recipe and a good firing.

  2. spectacular, what are the purple splotches ? from slip splashed on ? I like how the top of the handle goes right to the ridge

    1. The brush marks are from painting on Coleman’s Red over the shino with handmade brushes.


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