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Formerly a Pitcher

A few weeks ago I posted pictures of a vase that was supposed to be a pitcher. Or maybe I should have called it a pitcher that wanted to be a vase. The original article can be found here.  Some folks asked to see images of the finished pot so here it is.

I'm not really sure about the glaze. It seems there was some mistake when the glaze was last mixed up and an incorrect ingredient got put into the mix. This means that this is not the look I was expecting but it is a pretty interesting glaze. What do you think?

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Calls For Artists - CandyLand at Mudfire Gallery

Invitational Group Show, 3-4 pieces each by 20 artists.
We are seeking original clay works, ranging from beautiful studio pottery to small ceramic sculpture and combinations thereof, with other incarnations of clay also a possibility. Functional, full of purpose, or just celebrating the joy of candy - it is all up to you!
The show will celebrate the childhood glory days of CANDY - sandwiched between Valentine's Day and Easter, this show happens at the perfect time of year to turn your thoughts to candy. Are you inspired by jellybeans, Easter Peeps, boxes full of chocolates, creamy centers, candy dishes, or stories of witches luring kids with candy - show us your sweet side or your dark side. OR...simply show us the perfect candy dish - a fishbowl for swedish fish, a beautiful box for your favorite chocolate bar....and tell us your favorite candy in your application. We'll be serving up candy at the opening and we'll want to know your favorites!
October 1, 2014 Submissions Due at MudFire for Consideration
October 15, Final Invitations Issued
October 25, Acceptance Deadline
January 1, Artwork Arrives at MudFire (early shipments welcome )
February 15, 2015, Show Opens

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery by Lori Buff


  1. what a fun idea for a show, this is making me strain my brain muscles just thinking of the possibilities. hum

  2. I should have said what a delicious idea. Ha.


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