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Elephant Platter/Wall Hanging

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Commence Firing

We started the wood kiln last night. I took the first shft stoking.
It was just a little campfire to warm things up.  We needed marshmallows.

My next shift was at 6am.  We had a bit more heat, around 700 degrees.  

It looked like this. 

We brought it up to 1600 in my six hour shift. Not bad.  I'll post more pictures later. 


  1. I have been known to toast marshmallows during a wood firing! May the kiln gods be good to you.

  2. it's warming up for your wood firing, hope all goes well

  3. I always love the first shift ing the winter when the fire is just getting going and you can just sit in front of the fire soaking up all the warmth. Of course ultimately it ends up being a 20 hour shift for me and it loses much of the sparkle when I'm back up after a three hour nap to finish the firing off. :-) Wouldn't do it any other way. Have a great firing.


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