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Kissed By The Flame

Some pots are quiet, they don’t speak of carving or imagery. This one didn’t even speak of glaze colors or designs. Sometimes it’s a good idea to listen to the quiet. That would probably have been a better name for this post, maybe it’s the name of the vase. With nothing but a spearmint liner glaze, this piece was placed in the soda kiln. It’s about 11 inches tall so it was put in the top with a sculpture and a few other tall pieces. The soda and the flame did the decoration.

The vase is still very quiet but I think it came out well. I’m pleased with the painting the soda and flame did.

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Galleryby Lori Buff

Art Visions at Paideia School

This weekend is Art Visions which is a fund raiser for the visual arts program at Paideia School in Atlanta.  It's a really great show with lots of variety in the art work.  You'll find art and craft in a wide variety of mediums, all rather reasonably priced.

When I dropped off my work there the volunteer who checked my inventory told me what a great time she was having meeting all the artists and getting to preview all of the art.  I got to see a little of it and was impressed with what I saw.  I can't wait to head back there this weekend to see the show set up fully.

Saturday, Nov 16, 10 am - 5 pm
Sunday, Nov 17, 12 pm - 5 pm

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery by Lori Buff


  1. I am sick of looking and bidding on houses (and not getting them) and need to see some art, maybe I can make it down there if I can twist Gary's arm, if not I might even come alone.

    1. I'm sorry about your housing disappointments. I'd love it if you could come down for my Studio sale the weekend after Thanksgiving.


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