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Nick Joerling Visit

We had a visitor at Penland today. Nick Joerling is an old friend of Jim Lawton's (the instructor for this workshop) and one of my favorite potters.  It was a special treat for me as well as everyone else in the class.

Nick did a demo of some new pots he's working on.  These are some really new pots, he said he's only done these for two kiln loads.  The forms are inspired by a trip to some really interesting places out west.  I'll let the work speak for itself once he gets it out into the public.  It's really fun to see how the work is changing shape but still retains that animated quality that I love in his work.
Nick Joerling Demo
Today is field trip day then we unload Lucille.  I only have one test piece in the kiln but I'm still excited about the results.


  1. Looks like you are having a great time at Penland!

    1. Hi Michèle, I am having a lot of fun, thanks

  2. Can't wait to see Nick's new work and unloading is always fun to see the results.

    1. I can't either, I'm going to try to get down to his studio while I'm here.

  3. OOOOOOOhhhhhhh! WOW. Sure, I love his work too! Sorry I am behind on posts, gosh, whatta great trip for you!


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