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Fired Works Thoughts

Yesterday was the final day of the Fired Works show which meant picking up the unsold pots and reviewing the inventory sheets as well as doing some thinking about the show.  The nice part about a drive from Macon to Atlanta, it gives one time to reflect and think about the future.

I didn't do as well as I would have liked, of course that can be said of most shows but I did have higher expectations for this show.  I do not think it was because of anything that the Macon Arts Alliance did incorrectly.  They did a great job promoting the show.  They were all over social media and the local news, they had great signage and special events during the show to help draw a crowd.  They really put a lot of work into the show and it was evident.  I cannot express how much I appreciate all the time and energy they commit to this show.


When I set up my display it looked way too crowded, it didn't flow.  It really didn't look very professional.  Although I had some really nice pieces displayed they were hard to see because of this.  As you may remember it was suggested that I bring 160 pieces to the show, which I did.  I should have taken into consideration the sizes of the pieces and how they would look on the display table.  I didn't and that probably cost me in sales.  Heatherly, (the woman that was running the show) even came over and offered me some tips to improve my display.  I think that was really nice of her.

The good news is that I have some great ideas to overcome this problem next year (I did sell more than enough to be invited back) and I have plenty of pots to fill my booth at Inman Park next weekend.

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery


  1. Every mistake is an MBA.

    Good teachers indeed.

    Garden & Be Well, XO T

    1. It's funny that you wrote that Tara, I had just been thinking this morning that it's like I got paid to go to college.

  2. At lot of time it is all in how items are displayed on how well they sell, I have learned that many times myself. When you said 160 at the time I thought that was an awful lot of pots.

    1. It is a lot of pieces. Of course I wasn't expecting a sell out either. Next year I may bring less pieces or trust more to the volunteers restocking efforts.

  3. It's so hard to decide what to display. Last year when Jeff did the LNHC, show that he has done for many years, his booth score was marked down for having too much product out (booth placement for the next years show is based on total booth score).... BUT we had better sales than in the past. Go figure.
    This year at Celebration in Seagrove we had an awesome booth, really paid attention to lighting and set up, yet our sales were no better than the previous year.
    sometimes it's a crap shoot.

    1. Michele, it seems like the judges at the LNHC show were thinking about a different aesthetic than the public. Too bad they didn't come back at the end to see all the empty space;-)
      Thanks for your comments, they are giving me some food for thought.

  4. I had a really good Jan/Feb and the March died. I have talked to others with the same issue. I just think it's a weird time for selling. Christmas money has been spent and there is no gift giving holiday, except Easter, and that doesn't really count. I'm hoping for Mother's Day to pick things up!
    I spend a lot of time on my booth display, I shop for props all the time, and I keep my shelves sort of minimalist. If there is too much to look at, people don't see anything, like the forest for the trees thing. Who knows..... like Michele said, it's mostly a crap shoot! Good news is, there is a nice summer show season ahead and gas prices dropped :)

    1. Tracey, it's funny how regional the sales are, usually I have a lull after Christmas, slight rise in Feb then nothing until April when the festivals start but after Mother's Day it's too hot for people to buy stuff, even in the stores. I'm hoping to take advantage of that with more Etsy activity. I've been really slack with my Etsy shop lately.


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