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Christmas vs Kiln Opening

This holiday season has not been one of my better ones in terms of holiday spirit.   I'm not certain why that is,  I really like Christmas,  I enjoy giving gift more now than when I was a kid when all I thought about was receiving. Giving someone something that will make them happy gives me lots of joy.
Sales have been great since November, much of it is from people buying gifts for others or buying something to use during holiday celebrations.  Still, this year I'm feeling just a bit apathetic.   I'm not really being a Scrooge, I'm just disinterested.
Yesterday it occurred to me what might be causing the issue.  I was unloading the big gas kiln at Mudfire and marveling at the beautiful pots that the studio members had made.  I knew how excited they would be when they saw the pots.  I even got to share in the excitement that some members felt as they found their art on the selves as I was still unloading the kiln.  Then it struck me.  I'm desensitized.  I get to experience the joy of kiln openings pretty regularly.  And many a potter has likened the experience to Christmas.
May you enjoy the season and the feelings of happiness throughout the coming year.


  1. I'm pretty much bah humbug, I think xmas should be for children, but I'm always jazzed at every opening and happy to have my own kiln. I do miss being in a community setting to share the ups and downs with the other potters. Have a good one.

  2. Enjoy some down time and do something else.
    Then after being refreshed you can come back and enjoy what you do.
    Happy Holidays!

  3. Linda - I'm with you, kids love xmas like we love kiln openings.

    Meredith and Mark - That's just what I plan to do at my friend's farm, soon. It's great advise.

  4. Honestly, I don't miss loading and unloading those community kilns one bit! So much work! I would much rather be loading and unloading my own work :)
    I have been swallowed up in art for the past few months and it's sort of nice to take a break, I was getting a bit desensitized myself.
    Happy Christmas!

  5. Thanks Gary.

    Tracey - It can be a bit of a pain because of the vast size variances but I love seeing the progress of the members and how creative they can be. Some of it's selfish since I've done some of the teaching but some of it is pure joy for them.


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