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Come have a beer and get some art.

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Judith Duff and Shozo Michikawa at The Signature Shop

The Signature Shop & Gallery

MAY 27 - JUNE 25
Opening Reception Friday, May 27, 6 - 9pm

Both potters will be exhibiting pieces fresh from a workshop and firing led by Shozo at Judith's studio in North Carolina. The workshop includes 12 participants who will help load the anagama and train kilns with Judith's and Shozo's work, and 30 of their own pots. They'll take shifts around the clock firing for 60 hours. Judith's and Shozo's pots from this firing will make up this show. I am excited to present the outcome of their efforts at what promises to be a great exhibition! - Carr

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery


  1. Judy-Me neither, I love wood fired pottery and have a new appreciation for it after participating in one myself.

  2. One of these days I hope to get something in a wood firing, on my list of dreams, can't wait to hear and see the results.


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