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Thanks to Technology

Whatever seasonal holidays you celebrate I hope you enjoyed them.  Did you see the eclipse?  It was very cool.
Idaho Barn Plate
Janet's brother got married so we took a trip to Idaho for the wedding and family festivities.  It was cold, windy, snowy and fun.  While there I received a phone call from a very nice man who was recommended by Donna Van Gogh's Artist Market, a gallery that carries my work.  This man wanted a custom piece made for his sweetie.  It sounds like an interesting project, full of meaning for them and he's fine with getting it after the holidays.  I like customers like this guy.  Thanks to the cell phone and the ability to take notes on the iPod I was able to discuss what this piece would become and take good notes so I could remember when I got back to the studio.
We had plans to go out to visit with friends on Christmas eve so I took a nap in the afternoon.  When I awoke I checked my email and found that another pot had sold on Etsy.  I don't sell very much on Etsy so it's always a nice surprise when it happens.  I love selling while I'm napping too.
Thanks to technology I can sell my pottery whenever and wherever I am.  I can give quick customer service even when I'm not in the studio.  And I still feel like I've been on vacation.
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  1. Oh my, you got a NAP......... That shouts with joy.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara


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