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New and Improved Juicers

You may have seen the post about the juicer I made a few weeks ago.  Since it was the first one I made I needed to test it.  Have you ever bought a product that you thought would be good but then figured out that it wasn't so great and could use some improvement?  I don't want my customers going through that so I like to test my functional work in my own kitchen.

pottery juicer
New Juicers

The juicer worked great for juicing but I had to pull the fruit seeds out by hand or pour the juice through a strainer.  Neither was fun for me, so I built a strainer into the juicer.

The Strainer
I like the way these work better. I think they are ready for sale.

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  1. functional and beautiful, soon it'll be lemonade season, great photos too.

    1. Thanks Linda, lemonade sounds good, I add some grated ginger (grated on my grate plate). I should post the recipe soon. Thanks for the idea.

  2. Brilliant! Pretty and functional. I've tried making hole-strainers, but half the seeds end up going through the holes. I like your solution better.

  3. Thanks Liz, I appreciate the complement.


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