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Desert Botanical Gardens

You may have noticed a lack of posts on this blog this week. That's because I was in Arizona visiting my family. It was a fun trip, with time spent with my parents, Aunt, Uncle, cousins and their children (my second cousins I think).

One of the things we did for fun was a visit to the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix.  Which is a very cool place.  Well, it's the desert south west so it's actually hot, but you get the ideal.

The gardens not only had interesting cacti and succulents but desert wild flowers, a butterfly house and sculptures.
Winter by Philip Haas

One exhibit is by artist and film maker Philip Haas. It's based on the paintings of the renaissance artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo.  These giant heads represent the four seasons in vegetation and are really kind of fun.

Sculpture by Carolina Escobar
This piece is from the Whispers of a New World: Sculptures by Carolina Escobar exhibit. Escobar is a local artist who builds large scale, brightly colored sculptures that are inspired by nature.

They are also displaying some Chihuly glass sculptures which are awesome.  If you ever get a chance to go to these gardens you really should.


  1. been to the gardens in Tuscon must check out Phoenix, I love desert landscapes.

  2. I have always wanted to visit the desert... someday I will get there.

  3. totally cool indeed...and that is SO unfair, you went from a warm place to a warm place! and some of us, still in the parkas and gloves ;)


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