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Golden Cloud

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It's been cold and rather snowy here at Penland. It's supposed to be the first full week of spring, not the first full week of snow. But it's okay, most people here don't have to drive in it and the roads are actually pretty clear for those that do.
It's really quite pretty. People are always stopping to take pictures of something beautiful covered in snow.
Art Wall in snow at Penland School of Crafts
Penland Wall

Others are playing in the snow

artful snow man at Penland
Penland Snowman

We're keeping warm in the snow.

Firing Raku Kilns
Raku Kilns Firing

Check out the gallery page - Future Relics Gallery by Lori Buff


  1. Well it is beautiful, but.......I'm curious do the buildings even have heat. I know from experience that Haystack does not!


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